Dress Up Your Golu Padi This Navaratri

We have the perfect solution in our custom-made golu padi covers.

These covers are available in a range of jewel toned silk fabrics with contrasting or matching plain and brocade borders in traditional color combinations. Some of the color combinations include Deep Red and Sunrise Yellow, Emerald Green and Sap Green Vintage Purple and Vintage Pink, Deep Purple and Vintage Pink.

They are easy to assemble, drape on your stand and store for reuse. What’s more, they stay in place and drape so well!

These gorgeous covers can be custom made to suit your golu stand in a few easy steps. All you need to do is provide the dimensions and choice of color from our range of covers. It’s that easy!

  • Abhishek

    This Indian store has a huge variety of gift items and the Hindu idol and Puja mandir. Loved it.

  • Srikanth Munjuluri

    Amazing place. !!!

    Great collection of idols and pooja items. Details of the idols and pictures are master class. And warm hearts sitting at the desk. :)

  • Gopal Iyer

    Nice store for Indian handicrafts and temple/pooja items. Large collection of items big and small.
    Most items are reasonably priced.

  • Amanda Del Rio

    Found items needed for Diwali and Henna parties prior to my wedding. Large selection of Pooja items and idols.

  • Radha Muralidhara Hayagreev

    Large collection of Indian 'Golu' dolls. It's a good place to buy return gifts for any Indian host or guests. They also have carnatic classical music books, traditional
    tulsi pots, wooden temples for homes and many fancy personal apothecary like earrings, bangles, dance jewellery.

  • KiranKumar Nagendra

    Lots of good option to choose for gifts, pooja material. Good service

  • Brandon B

    Good selection of pooja items.

  • Kruthi Harsha

    Good collection of indian items.

  • Gayatri Devarakonda

    One place to get Lal Pooja items